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Galasic 8 yr cycle

The Galacsic NOT
GALACTIC 8 year cycle
i have clued
via the known ROY G BIV [not to be confused with the adult version ROY

ROY G BIV stands for Red Orange
Yellow Green Blue
Indigo Violet

a way to remember the order of the
electromagnetic output as for the
appearence odf hues in the visible spectrum.

Now being i only post CLUEs here we jump to how the galacsic cycle
completes its '360' at the present positions of this
star/planet/galactic relationship at ~34yrs (i know some hate i attach
to numbers, sorry its a clue) so each ~8yrs we complete a polarity (FOR
LACK OF A BETTER NON PHYSICS WORD) segment of this Galacsic cycle. These
Polarities i Draw
Up As

(actual IMAGE is larger, click om image or download it for that cdlear view)

If no PIC is seen try URL

The image above has a clue in it as to where the 5 light types i mention
exists (LJ POST:
complex animal, which include 5 types of 'lights' 186,400  mps
being the 'slowest' i call Ml)

this a clue as to how the polar points of a plane-t work thus to modern
science they might be surprised at how relatively quick the polarity of
a plane-t can shift.

The middle drawing???

a] a swim cap

b]  Æ

c]  Rorschach  test [my fav test i always got 100 at these tests.???]

 The importance of this cycle goes across its ability to
influenced outputs.

 One i began to state around the early 1970s is how all
complex brains
are affected, as to the complex animal / humans on earth it causes
via a starlight connection to bathe and organize the brain via 8 yr
cycle and its 2 to 1 ratio via .666 to .333 sub cycle(s)

is why for example traumatic injuries to the complex brain falls into
the  sub cycles of 2.6667 [all earth/solar yrs], 5.3333 yrs
and 8
yrs and those injuries can be assisted in repairing themselves by what
type of light and mag that is used during and just after any operation.

Another affect is as to that so called 7 yr itch  as really
under 8 yrs, 5.3333 and 2.6667 yrs as see this chart below as an
EXAMPLE NOT REL STAT the last real numbers i sent within non real
numbers to twch during the early mid 1990s.


  1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982
     1  R      
   THE  REST     OF BOXES     TO  PLAY   bingO   


notice these sub categories or categories repeat BUT NOT
ALWAYS AS ROYGBIV, no not 'cause nature cannot spell but a major clue i
sent to twch as to sun spot activities trigger the order of these
letters and other clusters,zodiac output,stars that where.
Also though modern science is figuring out the sun activity cycle
when i first wrote to scientist / labs during my elementary school yrs
 that the sunspot cycle has 3 tiers and a certain push-pull
effect will balance the sunspot cycle at  ~< 10 yrs
back then  it was stated to be ~11 to 13 yrs . the cycle is
determined by the 8 you see and then 1/2, 1/2 then another 1/2,1/2
acting as ascending / descending and vice versa as windows for energies
transfer across dimensions 


so to use the 7yr itch as an example ... (if Ad agencies knew
how to use this they could get max output of the public but so could
political groups so in the wrong hands not good but that goes with
anything) ... imagine you fell in 'love' in 1972  under ROW 1,
well these things might occur: (mileage may vary and things appear
bigger in the mirror)

2.666 yrs or 5.3333yrs or ~8yrs later  your brain
will have its emotions tugged at as to why those time period i posted a
clue above as to the use of .666 to .333 a rule as important to
galacsics as E=MC 2 to physics, but here clues i last shared to twch
(rarity i post something i sent them) notice  ROW 1 on 1972 =
RED, go 2.6667 yrs later and the colour would be  .333 Y to
.666 G [Green is what to RED,this  is a CLUE then go 5.333 yrs
from ROW 1 in 1972 and what is .333 V and .666 R to RED. . Well these two
last clues 'cause the inner brain being triggered to want that "love" they
felt in 1972 which occurred under that type of RED but being if both partners are not open to foreplay and
have open minds to reignite that inner fire when it calls then one
looks elsewhere to ignite that desire, vwulla the itch or simple
 it could be you have not bathed in days go take a cold shower.

that does not always occur but knowing why and how, when to expect it
and its affect on things from love to weather to other scientific
areas  i
thought was nice and thought others would have liked that information
but after waiting for ~30 yrs for a response or any comment my 1997
deadline came and went with not one U.S. person i wrote responding but
several from other countries did respond, Japan was the most, net
Germany then Peru/Italy,.As just one example i even spoke over the
phone to someone
near Jim Cantore's {The Weather Channel) desk as to ask if they
received my letters/faxs etc
she said they had two piles of my stuff asked me what i expected to
occur i said read and ask, but still no question go figure.  more

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